We create a virtual copy of the Earth – ready for simulation, gaming and more


Initial submission

Today’s virtual worlds don’t meet the key requirements of the simulation industry. For instance, to simulate an autonomous vehicle, current virtual worlds are not sufficient in quality, scale, price, and flexibility. For example, Google Earth cannot be used for simulation, as it only looks like the real world, but does not behave like the real world. AVES Reality discovered a way to solve this by looking at the world from space, instead of visiting and mapping every place down on Earth. Our unique solution lies in
our AI, which understands and then appropriately and rapidly builds up any place on Earth from satellite imagery. As we know and understand every object we reconstruct, we can apply materials and physical attributes to make the virtual world behave like the real world.


We are still in very close contact with OHB, which we really enjoy. With regard to sustainability, we reduce the need for real-life test driving by enabling more test driving to take place virtually, thus allowing carbon emissions to be reduced during automotive R&D. The scalability of the 3D environment has been proven on small scale; larger-scale scalability is still yet to be achieved. The functionality has met expectations, but is still a work-in-progress and the efficiency is being tested and proven in customer projects.

  • TRL (Technical Readiness Level) from 6/7 now to almost 8
  • Team: from 3 FTE to now 5.5 FTE
  • Investments: two external investments by business angels
  • Further programmes: XPRENEURS incubator
  • Fields of application: Construction & Civi Engineering, Transport & Logistics
  • One marketable product
  • Markets: Europe
  • Target customers: B2B automotive companies that work on autonomous driving technologies


AVES Reality is a company that has been working on generating synthetic data based on Earth observation data for simulation
purposes. AVES Reality impressed us in the competition with a good business model and a first-class presentation, and last year‘s
collaboration only helped to validate our choice. The company have been very successful in developing its project and connecting with final customers.

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