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INNOspace Masters

For trailblazers and visionaries – INNOspace Masters Highlight Conference – Highlights and Perspectives of a visionary initiative

Welcome to the INNOspace Masters innovation competition, a visionary initiative that seeks out pioneers with innovative ideas for the next generation of space technology.  The competition is part of the INNOspace® initiative by the German Space Agency at DLR and has received over 700 unique and cutting-edge ideas related to space from more than 1550 participants since our first round in 2015/16. Over the course of seven rounds and a total of 28 challenges, we have selected 86 finalists from individuals, research institutes, startups, scale-ups and SMEs, who have made outstanding contributions to this competition with their visionary ideas. Our focus on technology transfer has enabled us to demonstrate the strength of other technologies for space, and vice versa, making a significant impact as both spin-in and spin-off transfers. With seven rounds full of innovation and space-related ideas for upstream and downstream, it’s time to explore the impact of the INNOspace Masters competition and its highlights.

Innovations from space and into space for the next space generation and the impact of these technologies and ideas for sustainability in space and on earth – the INNOspace Masters supported innovations for a sustainable future space sector, while at the same time promoting the application of existing technologies, services and applications from space for making life on earth more sustainable.

Since its inception, the INNOspace Masters competition was established to seek innovations that may shape the future of how we create value in space, but also how space can benefit society and our economies back on earth. In particular, the competition is aimed to support ideas to raise sustainable practices in the space sector and promote the use of existing space technologies, services, and applications to improve sustainability on earth.

This year’s INNOspace Masters Highlight conference will highlight the best implementations of the ideas presented so far, while also giving an outlook for what is to come in the future of the INNOspace Masters. The competition partners will reflect on the most remarkable ideas and solutions gained with all participants of their challenges. Awards will be given to theparticipants in the categories “individual”, ”startup”, “SME & Scale-up” and “research organisation” for the best implementation of their proposed solution.

Goal of the INNOspace Masters

The space industry is changing!
The number of private actors, the production of payloads and the operation of satellites have multiplied. More and more space developments are being transferred into everyday life. The INNOspace Masters promotes new business ideas, the commercialisation and the initiation of “spin-in”- (from non-space into a space sector) and “spin-off”- (from space sectors into non-space) ideas. These ideas by the winners will be further developed together with the respective partner. Participants are thus active creators of the future and tap into new markets.

Innovative problem solvers wanted.
The INNOspace Masters is the competition for anyone facing the current challenges of the space industry. Through digitisation, automation and increasingly complex systems, the aerospace industry must constantly adapt and seek out new opportunities. Whether alone, in a team or as a company, anyone who wants to develop new technologies and concepts for or from the space industry and bring them to market maturity with the help of partners has come to the right place here. Existing technologies from the space industry can be transferred into other sectors, and approaches from these can be adapted for space.

Benefits for our Winners

Premium Network

Meet renowned partners and experts

Premium Network

Take a closer look at the current network
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Technical Expertise

Profit from individual expert know-how

Technical Expertise

Receive hands-on support to advance your innovation into new dimensions
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Shaping the Future

Use your creativity and initiate new impulses for the next space generation

Shaping the Future

Think of the future. Go on and shape it with your idea!

Challenges 2021/2022

Facts and Figures

Since 2015, the INNOspace Masters plays an important role in promoting innovative ideas for the space sector. Its entries cover different levels of maturity along the entire value chain. Submissions include ideas and concepts from foreign industries into space, but also ideas from space into industry. The competition’s prize pool and outstanding partners enable the winners to further their ideas into real innovation projects.
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Prize Pool


Project Ideas
Submissions from 2015 – 2021


International Experts

All numbers above are a summary of the INNOspace Masters competitions from 2015 to 2021.

Our Partners

Initiated by the German Space Agency at DLR

Acting on behalf of the Federal Government, the German Space Agency at DLR designs and implements Germany’s Space Programme, which integrates all German space activities on the national and European level. The German Space Agency at DLR on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has started the INNOspace Masters in 2015 as part of the initiative INNOspace® to promote innovations, technology transfer and new markets.

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