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Today’s virtual worlds don’t meet the key requirements of the simulation industry. For instance, to simulate an autonomous vehicle, current virtual worlds are not sufficient in quality, scale, price, and flexibility. For example, Google Earth cannot be used for simulation, as it only looks like the real world, but does not behave like the real world. AVES Reality discovered a way to solve this, by looking at the world from space, instead of visiting and mapping every place down on Earth. Our unique solution lies in our AI, which understands and then appropriately and rapidly builds up any place on Earth from satellite imagery. As we know and understand every object we reconstruct, we can apply materials and physical attributes to make the virtual world behave like the real world.


  • Rapid creation of simulation worlds enables faster R&D iterations and accelerated time to market
  • AI-powered world creation eliminates manual labour for 3D modelling and mobile mapping
  • 3D worlds for autonomous vehicle R&D serve as a safe space for virtual testing without physical driving
  • AI analysis enables perfect synthetic data, while parameter-based 3D creation enables infinite variations

AVES Reality GmbH
Florian Albert

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