Tikal – Remote assessment of remote traffic routes


Only 20% of the world’s road network is paved, making it particularly vulnerable to environmental, weather and vehicle-related damage. The monitoring of unpaved roads is of high relevance as they are also used to transport people and goods. There are currently no IT-based methods that can be used to continuously record and analyse the condition of the road over a wide area.
Within the framework of the Tikal project, BAREWAYS GmbH is developing a software system that can determine the current and future road condition by means of pattern recognition, even from inhomogeneous and incomplete data sets. For this purpose, a wide variety of data sources such as weather forecasts, maps, satellite images, and vehicle sensors are aggregated, calibrated and analysed with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This current road condition information is made available to the vehicle navigation system together with other criteria for route planning and optimisation such as vehicle type, fragility of the load or safety needs of the driver.


  • Prediction of road conditions in rural areas that are not covered today
  • The fusion of vehicle sensors, satellite imagery, and weather forecasts
  • Flexible routing to account for individual vehicle capabilities
  • Applicable to other transport lines such as railways and power lines

Moritz v. Grotthuss
Lübeck, Germany

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