NeutronStar Systems UG is developing a disruptive electric propulsion technology that can reduce mission costs for satellite operators by tens of millions of euros, through cheaper propellant and more efficient operation. It calls the solution SUPREME (SUPerconductor-Based Readiness Enhanced Magnetoplasmadynamic Electric Propulsion). It is based on widely-research appliedfield magnetoplasmadynamic (AF-MPD) thrusters and industrially mature high-temperature superconductors.
SUPREME offers the benefits of AF-MPD technology, namely excellent scalability, a wide operational range, and the ability to use alternative propellants, which are more sustainable and considerably cheaper than existing options. The use of superconductors greatly reduces the mass, volume and power consumption of the propulsion system, while simultaneously enabling longer lifetimes and greater performance.


  • Compact and efficient propulsion system with a wide range of applications
  • Scalability across a wide range of power classes (750W – 1000kW)
  • Uses propellants which are 100 times cheaper than xenon
  • Greater operational flexibility for orbital transfers, reducing fuel consumption

NeutronStar Systems UG
Cologne, Germany
Manuel La Rosa Betancourt
Co-Founder & CEO

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