SmartSpace – A Module for Global IoT Cloud Service Operations

Existing cellular network infrastructure is not sufficient for the widespread use of Internet of Things (IoT) applications outside metropolitan areas. A functional data connection forms part of the core of any IoT application.
Currently, transmitting data to IoT devices via satellites is uneconomical and complex because the devices are designed with a small form factor (i.e. small antennas), which facilitates low-power consumption and minimal data throughput. The SmartSpace concept provides for dedicated communication modules on the ground and in the space segment to enable data collection and transmission. Within this concept, SmartSpace modules serve as a data collector for multiple IoT devices and their applications and relay the collected data via a superior satellite backbone network. It is no longer necessary to operate a dedicated ground station, the intermediate SmartSpace network acts as a connecting link. This will facilitate the use of SmartSpace in remote areas and large infrastructures.


  • Enable terrestrial and space-borne IoT applications
  • Cloud-based monitoring and control for satellites
  • Big data analytics for small satellite missions and turnkey CubeSat operations
  • Terrestrial SmartSpace network to grow incrementally via new module launches

TU Braunschweig – Institute of Space Systems
Braunschweig, Germany
Prof Dr Enrico Stoll

IRON Software
Munich, Germany
Christian Kendi

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