Small intelligent system for space independence (SISSI)

Metrom, Hartmannsdorf, Merlin, Smarthoch3, Smart³, Fr. Witt

It will be necessary to establish local production capabilities in space in the near future. The transport costs and time until components are available are the most important factors here, which make it essential to manufacture and repair on site. The conventional production capabilities available up to now on Earth are heavy, cannot be transported, and require mechanical precision in the machine structure to allow for accuracy on the workpiece. Robots used for processing are not precise enough and consist of various individual components. The solution here is to develop and manufacture a miniaturised processing system based on parallel kinematics. The modular basic structure and the inherent features of the functionality demonstrated on Earth are redesigned, manufactured in a miniaturised form, and put into operation. This is what SISSI was made for.
A small processing system, which can adapt to the environmental conditions and always creates the optimal result with the lowest possible use of resources.


  • Mechanically simple structure with repeated components
  • μ-level precision thanks to self-calibration
  • Processing in unfavourable conditions thanks to dust protection and temperature compensation
  • No limit on processing by replacing the technological tools
  • High degree of stiffness due to special frame shape
  • Low energy consumption

Metrom Mechatronische Maschinen GmbH
Marcus Witt

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