Skith: Skip the Harness (Harnessless Satellite)


The harness for satellites has been necessary so far but also costly, heavy and a major risk factor. Skith aims to create the first wireless satellite, by using short range, high speed real time miniature radio communication links.
By combining modular and fault-tolerant software with ultra-wideband technology from industry 4.0, a robust and adaptable system will be created.

Skith is aiming at:

  • Reducing the costs of integration and launches of satellites
  • Increasing the dependability of machines, especially of satellites and aircrafts
  • Increasing the Flexibility of control systems
  • Making the board computer independent from input/output (10) devices
Universität Würzburg

lnformatics 8 – Aerospace Information Technology

Prof Sergio Montenegro

Tobias Mikschl

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