Silent Running – intrinsic structural vibration reduction for carrier rockets using metamaterials

Silent Running

Initial submission

During the launch and flight of a rocket, vibrations must be reduced to such an extent that they do not damage the payload and structure. Microvibrations interfere with the precision of optical equipment in satellites.
In the Silent Running project, MT Aerospace, OHB-System AG and Fraunhofer LBF pursued the goal of integrating innovative vibration-reducing vibroacoustic metamaterials into the new generations of satellite components and launcher structures in order to resolve the conflicting objectives of lightweight construction and vibration behaviour during the launch and microvibrations
in orbit. Metamaterials combine the advantages of active and passive vibration mitigation and can be used in many industries.


INNOspace Masters and our Silent Running project enabled us to build three space demonstrators with our project partners MT Aerospace and OHB-System AG. In the process, we made sure to take into account the stresses at launch and use space-qualified
materials. We were able to demonstrate that the use of vibroacoustic metamaterials in space is feasible and that the technology offers new opportunities for lightweight construction and vibration reduction.

  • Team: from two 0.5 FTE now six FTE plus 10 students
  • Eight publications
  • Further programmes: Winner IÖB-Challenge: Autobahnen und Schnellstraßen: Lärmlast durch Technologie reduzieren
  • Fields of application: Construction & Civil Engineering, Transport & Logistics, Utilities & Infrastructure Management
  • Testing of business models for a spin-off in the Fraunhofer AHEAD programme
  • Fairs: Space Tech Expo 2021 & 2022, ILA Berlin 2022, Hessen in Space 2023


The development of the Silent Running project is above all an impressive example of the development of a new field of technology:
vibroacoustic metamaterials. In addition to weight reduction due to their light weight, the materials can also be made from
sustainable raw materials. The exploration of applications in other industries underscores the technology‘s potential.

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