Satellite-direct-to-phone service everywhere on the planet

6 Billion Cell Phones connected everywhere on Earth

Currently, about 90% of the planet and 75% of the Earth’s landmass has no cell tower connectivity either because it is not economical (very low-density areas) or physically impossible (in the ocean). Building land-based cell towers in uncovered regions is economically unsustainable. Lynk’s transformative global communications solution moves the traditional cell tower onto small satellites in Low Earth Orbit. Lynk’s constellation provides direct connectivity to 3GPP standard mobile devices on the ground including mobile phones and cellular IoT devices. Lynk’s patented technology compensates for Doppler shift (the cell tower is moving relative to the mobile device) and extended range time delay cell tower is now ~500 km from the mobile device) to provide global affordable mobile coverage. In 2021, Lynk proved its technology by connecting thousands of mobile devices across five countries with Lynk’s fifth satellite, Shannon. This technical milestone is the first step in connecting everyone everywhere outside terrestrial tower coverage using their existing, unmodified mobile devices. On April 1, 2022, Lynk launched its first commercial-ready satellite enabling the company to begin providing commercial service later in 2022.


  • Ubiquitous global mobile coverage for billions of people
  • Mobile network resiliency not impacted by natural disasters
  • Alleviating digital poverty in remote or dispersed communities

Lynk Global Inc.
Mahmoud Khafagy, Margo Deckard, Tyghe Speidel

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