Real-Time Container Tracking and Monitoring

Modern transport and logistics require real-time tracking and monitoring of shipping containers worldwide. Many applications on the market track only the location of the vessel on which a container is transported – not the container itself. Therefore, the tracking signal is lost when the container is transferred between ships, trains, trucks and aircraft, or if it happens to be lost at sea. Callwise Ltd. addresses these issues using an innovative combination of satellite communication and a 5G LoRaWAN (Low Range Wide Area Network) IoT solution. This solution enables real-time tracking and monitoring of individual shipping containers from start to finish during multimodal transport. The concept is based on a novel architecture in which satellite and cellular tracking is combined with LoRaWAN tracking and monitoring of individual shipping containers. Callwise Ltd. is targeting logistics and shipping companies that can offer this end-to-end solution to customers as a value-added service in their product portfolios. Furthermore, the system is able to generate alerts for a wide range of events (unauthorised door opening, deviation from a predefined route, changes in container temperature, etc.) and also track down containers lost at sea.


  • Real-time location information on shipping containers from start to finish
  • Ability to monitor several parameters inside containers (e.g. temperature, air pressure, air moisture)
  • Ability to trace containers that are lost at sea

Callwise Ltd.
High Wycombe, United Kingdom
Dr Roland Weesie

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