QuMSeC – Quantum memories for secure communication

QuMSeC – Quantum Memories for Secure Communication

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With a turnover of USD 156.3 billion 1, satellite communication is a key component of the global digital economy and is of strategic importance to government and society. The Internet, television, telephony or communication in aviation and shipping rely on highly secure satellite communication networks. However, the encryption methods used in data transmission today are vulnerable, which poses considerable security risks for critical infrastructures in the energy, telecommunications and transport sectors, for example.
Quantum communication generally provides the necessary cyber security for current and future satellite communication systems. However, this has so far been based on the assumption of complete control over the development, manufacture, launch and operation of satellites. The QuMSeC project, carried out by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin, is intended to set new standards for secure quantum key exchange with the help of quantum storage devices, even for untrustworthy satellites. In the future, customers and users without their own satellite infrastructure should benefit from secure data
communication via satellites.

1Global Space Economy 2018 (Source: Bryce Space and Technology, 2020)


INNOspace Masters kick-started our development on quantum memories for secure communication. This enabled us to obtain further funding on this, with several active BMWK/DLR, BMBF, and DFG funded projects with an overall value of > EUR 1 million.
Recently the results stimulated the founding of a company producing advanced quantum light sources (AQLS UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

  • TRL (Technical Readiness Level) from 2-5
  • Team: from 3 FTE during INNOspace Masters to 8 FTE working on the solution
  • 3 publications:
    • Optimisation and readout-noise analysis of a warm-vapour electromagneticallyinduced-transparency memory on the Cs D1 line (2023)
    • Simulating quantum repeater strategies for multiple satellites (2022)
    • Proposal for space-borne quantum memories for global quantum networking (2021)
  • Fields of application: Science & Technology, Janik Wolters Telecommunications


The high technological potential of the QuMSeC project can be very successfully advanced by the team at TU Berlin and HU Berlin, also due to the significant team growth and the acquisition of further funding. An important cornerstone for the commercialisation
of the project results in the field of advanced quantum light sources was also laid with the foundation of AQLS UG.

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