PVT-GAMERS – “Improved Pressure-Volume-Temperature Gauging” Method for Electric Propulsion Systems


In the new era of electric propulsion, where propellant tanks are larger and missions are longer, the accuracy of classic mass retrieval methods has become obsolete. The knowledge of the exact amount of remaining propellant is critical for optimising a spacecraft’s lifespan. A team from Luleå University of Technology has developed the “Improved Pressure-Volume-Temperature Gauging” Method. This method uses existing technology readiness levels (TRL 9) sensing technologies and it improves the physical modelling of the available propellant as well as the accuracy of the classic Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT) retrieval techniques. Thanks to smart use of the spacecraft’s telemetry, its implementation will help spacecraft propulsion systems providers, spacecraft operators, telecommunication companies, and space agencies to increase the lifespan of space missions.


  • More accurate gauging of spacecraft propellant mass
  • Technology scalable to any propellant tank size
  • Extension of the lifespan of space missions and their profitability
  • Low-cost implementation using the existing spacecraft telemetry systems
  • Propellant control system as a transferable technology to any one-phase pressurised vessel in any sector

Luleå University of Technology (LTU)
Luleå, Sweden
Prof Dr María-Paz


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