OKAPI:Orbits – space surveillance and tracking (SST) as a service for New Space


Initial submission

Due to the increasing number of space activities, the number of in-orbit objects is becoming dangerously high and presenting a potential hazard to all satellites – especially in low Earth orbit. Since existing international and national regulations are only now starting to form, space traffic management solutions are in the spotlight. OKAPI:Orbits has developed a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that is dedicated to making satellite missions more sustainable and cost-effective by offering satellite operators and launchers space situational awareness and collision avoidance solutions. It is a modular, customisable, and scalable software provided via a web interface and APIs. It can be used to operate all the relevant aspects of SST and supports integration into existing solutions.


The STM platform ensures the safety of in-orbit assets. With unerring accuracy in risk prediction and carefully curated manoeuvre suggestions, collisions between active in-orbit assets and space debris or between active satellites are avoided. No new collisions mean no extra space debris proliferation. This allows the alarming increase in space junk to be contained.

  • TRL (Technical Readiness Level) Development now nine
  • Platform and services are proven in an operational environment and over 150 satellites in LEO and also in GEO orbits started late 2021
  • Team: from four FTE in 2018 to 35 FTE in 2023
  • Investment & Venture Capital: 6.5m (Venture Capital and Business Angels incl. Munich Re Ventures, Dolby Ventures, APEX Ventures and Herius Space Capital)
  • Market split: Europe, USA
  • Customers: B2B, Institutional


Since its founding in 2018, OKAPI:Orbits has achieved extraordinary development. Its space-dedicated SaaS solution is not only key to more sustainable in-orbit security but also paved the way for incubation at ESA BIC Hessen. It also convinced strategic investment partners and customers. A perfect example of a successful commercialisation of a former winner of an INNOspace Masters competition.

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