Multipurpose adapter generic interface connector – MA61C

Adapter New 1

Initial submission

MA61C is a universal adapter that connects any subsystem to any spacecraft platform, reducing the costs and time involved in satellite manufacturing. Once MA61C is connected with the satellite subsystem and the on-board computer, it powers up and integrates them.

The advantages are:

  • Integration of subsystems without programming (plug & play)
  • Compatibility with the most-used systems
  • Design based on requirements and specifics from its customers
  • Reuse of off-the-shelf subsystems


The INNOspace Master gave SPiN access to ESA BIC Bavaria, which allowed the team to develop and produce the first MA61C prototype. In additional workshops with OHB, feedback was provided on the product and the business plan. The feedback included which technologies should be involved and the business plan was validated by showing there is a need for the product as a universal interface between suppliers andmanufacturers.

  • TRL (Technical Readiness Level) MA61C cubesat – TRL 7, MA61C smallsat – TRL5, and MA61C cPCI – TRL3
  • Team: 2016: 3 FTE, 2023 13 FTE with 9 in R&D, and 20% female
  • Further programmes: several programmes ESA BIC 2016–2018, NewSpace Europe 2019, Techstars Allied Space in 2020, Fit4 Start in 2021, and other
  • Markets: EU, US
  • Customers: B2B, institutional customers including satellite operators, satellite manufacturers,research organisations, universities and start-ups.


SPiN was the first spin-in start-up in an ESA BIC after its participation in the INNOspace Masters and thus a pioneer for many other companies. The company focuses on making components and subsystems available to the space industry more cost-effectively and
efficiently through a modular concept. The developed multi-purpose adapter MA61C was launched into low Earth orbit for the first time in 2022.

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