MESA: lmproving Europe's Access to Space


In the next decade, Europe will need a replacement for the International Space Station (ISS) – a new environment in which payloads can be tested in microgravity and the extreme conditions of space. Levity Space System has set its sights on providing public and private institutions with frequent, affordable access to space. MESA – Europe’s first modular and stackable satellite structure – is designed to facilitate microsatellite launches, in-orbit demonstrations, and the hosting of experiments. lt will be launched as a secondary payload between the upper stage and primary payload of the Arianespace launch vehicles VEGA-C+ and -E.


  • Flexible, modular structures for space transports
  • Sustainable R&D in space in the post-ISS era
  • Turnkey launch solutions and microsatellite deployment in constellations
  • MESA subsystems capable of transporting technologies and experiments directly from labs into space

Levity Space Systems
Aachen, Germany
Andres Lüdeke


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