MERIT – Disruptive Propulsion System for Microsatellites

MERIT - OHB Challenge 2018/2019 2nd Place

Miniaturised satellites have become increasingly common in recent years. In order to enable different mission scenarios, satellite platforms as small as CubeSats require propulsion systems that are small, versatile, costeffective, and reliable. Since existing propulsion systems are too expensive and lack intense development and physical comprehension, T4i started MERIT, a project that aims to upgrade their own REGULUS propulsion system in terms of cost and performance. Based on helicon plasma technology, it also leverages a modular approach, non-aerospace supply chains, and smart adoption of additive technologies. MERIT’s main target customers include small-satellite (up to150 kg) platform manufacturers. T4i plans not only to provide the propulsion system to be integrated into satellites, but to become a potential partner as well. Its technology will also be exploited in other fields, such as medical and industrial applications and in the development of smart plasma antennas.


  • Increased profitability and efficiency through the functionality of the satellite platform
  • Easy integration of the REGULUS propulsion system into satellite platforms
  • Better performance and cost reductions of up to 83%
  • Reliable and versatile propulsion system thanks to helicon plasma technology

Padua, Italy
Prof Dr Daniele Pavarin

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