Laser Communication for Future LEO Constellations

Laser Communication for Future LEO Constellations

Vialight develops Laser Communication Terminals for future low Earth orbiting (LEO) constellations and Earth observation missions requiring the transmission of large data volumes at rates of up to 10 Gbps over thousands of kilometers.

  • Leader in laser communication systems for stratospheric platforms and ground stations – chosen supplier for large international commercial customers
  • Vialight’s product evolution: aviation > stratosphere > space (inter-satellite, satellite-to-ground)
  • Serial production keeps costs low while ensuring the highest quality product
  • Solutions for: telecommunications, navigation and Earth observation data, ISR applications, Internet of Things, Big Data
  • Fully operational space system on the ISS in 2 years

ViaLight GmbH 
Dr Markus Knapek

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