Infused Thermal Solutions

infused thermal solutions

Technical components in space are often exposed to fluctuating temperatures, which can lead to degraded performances or reduced lifetimes. Infused Thermal Solutions (ITS) is an innovative concept to passively stabilize the temperature of thermo-elastic spacecraft components. This idea combines known concepts of phase change materials (PCM) with modern manufacturing techniques (3D printing). The phase change materials are embedded inside custom-printed, double-walled component structures, offering a standalone solution.


  • Temperature stabilisation
  • Reduced thermo-elastic deformations
  • Increased component lifetimes
  • Creation of complex lightweight “bionic” structures
  • Cost reduction
  • Technology transfer (spin-off), e.g. in the automotive industry

Fachhochschule Aachen
Aachen, Germany
Prof Dr Markus Czupalla

infused thermal solutions

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