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The traditional space sector does not offer fast, simple, low-cost access to space for the commercially driven new space economy. HOSTmi is the first neutral digital B2B platform for payload owners and space mission providers that matches the growing commercial and scientific demand. This standardised online platform offers efficient, user-friendly, and global mediation of flight options aboard various space-based systems, from suborbital vehicles to deep space platforms. Payload owners receive real-time product and service information, along with the ability to search for potential hosting opportunities for their payload. Besides being available to payload owners for an annual subscription fee, HOSTmi operates on a contract- and success-based commission model for space mission providers. It is thus digitising the global market for space payloads in a scalable fashion.


  • Digital one-stop-shop bundles services such as technical support, financing, and insurance
  • Efficient automated processes significantly reduce time and cost requirements for payload owners
  • Space mission providers will be able to sell their services and unused capacity, which will reduce the direct cost of sales and customer acquisition based on an automated influx of prospects
  • Fosters the transition from conservative value chains to a modern, customer-oriented value network

Pouya Haschemi
Darmstadt, Germany

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