Space Launch System Takes Off. 3D Scene.

Fraunhofer IISB is developing a novel technology for ultra-high-temperature resistant protective coatings for space applications. The HOSSA project is based on the institute’s research work to apply ceramic protective coatings to fibre-reinforced composites using powder coating technology.
The aim is to make the advantages of fibre-reinforced composite components, such as high elongation at fracture, high cracking resistance and dynamic load capacity, available for new applications by increasing heat and oxidation resistance as well as increased mechanical abrasion resistance. The patented technology offers a considerable cost advantage over conventional coating processes and is also suitable for component repair.
With HOSSA, the efficiency of propulsion systems and the exposure time for re-entry vehicles can be increased. These protective coatings can also be applied for power units of aircraft and helicopters as well as gas turbines.


  • Highly tuneable coating technology to achieve different coating properties
  • Cost-effective and highly flexible in terms of part geometry and size
  • Enables the application of fibre-reinforced composites in new applications
  • Higher combustion temperatures and thus increased efficiency of rocket engines and power units

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and
Device Technology IISB
Erlangen, Germany
Dr-Ing. Christian Reimann

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