Graphene mirrors for lightweight optical systems


Aerospace mirrors need to perform throughout the system cycle under extreme conditions, although that comes at a price: heavy components that are not easy to substitute without introducing compromises in their specifications. Reflective films are an alternative to bulky mirrors, but they are mechanically fragile and have rough surfaces. SCALE Nanotech’s graphene micro-membrane technology offers a solution: G-Mirror©, an ultra-lightweight nanofilm that leverages the outperforming mechanical, optical and thermal properties of graphene material, while enabling cheap scale-up for its size and flexible shape (flat or curved). Our USP goes with our name: we SCALE up Nanotech. With G-Mirrors, graphene goes big or stays home: its size scalability and low mass will reduce payload costs, while its multipurpose nature allows for tailored solutions that tackle the specific applications of our customers with minimal impact on our manufacturing costs.


  • Ultra-thin and easy to pack (portable)
  • Large area and low mass (low cost)
  • Ultimate breaking strength (robust)
  • Minimal space footprint (clean)
  • Accepts different coatings (functional)

SCALE Nanotech OÜ
Dr Santiago J. Cartamil-Bueno
Dr Barbara Núñez Fernández

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