GNSS common-view – Time and frequency synchronisation for industry

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Time synchronisation is a basic requirement for operating important infrastructures in almost all industrial sectors worldwide, such as the energy, telecommunications, transport and financial sectors.
The high demands on the accuracy of time measurement, which is currently in the single-digit nanosecond range, are an essential driver of technology and innovation to take time measurement into ever new dimensions. Time synchronisation is traditionally achieved via cable protocols with their own network timing. The use of such dedicated networks is not always possible for financial or logistical reasons, such as for systems operating on different continents (finance), in densely populated urban areas (5G or IoT) or for highly decentralised systems (blockchain). Melior Systems GmbH is working on a cost-effective, global system solution for highly accurate time synchronisation based on the atomic clocks of navigation satellites (GNSS) in combination with exact time comparisons using what is known as the common-view method. The system solution is offered to infrastructure operators and other customers as a software licence in conjunction with support services.


  • Time and frequency synchronisation based on GNSS with 1-digit nanosecond accuracy
  • Cost-effective deployment independent of the link distance to synchronise
  • Reduced costs of infrastructure in urban areas and improved indoor GNSS reception
  • Software licence model for mass market use
  • Low complexity and maintenance for end user

Melior Systems GmbH
Sergiu Artene
Darmstadt, Germany

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