ESKIMO – The Next Generation Kickstage


The launch capacity of launch providers is not always sufficient to meet the increasing demands on the flexibility of microsatellite operators. Levity Space Systems is developing an electrically propelled microlauncher kickstage, to transport small satellites into higher orbits beyond the microlauncher capabilities. The additional stage establishes a new alternative for satellite operators, by expanding mission capabilities and reducing launch costs, while increasing the launch performance of the microlauncher. The goal is to provide satellite operators with the opportunity to use microlaunchers as a viable alternative to conventional rockets, as they are able to reach low Earth and lunar orbits, reducing launch times, as well as reliable satellite constellation maintenance by specifically replacing defective satellites.


  • Transport of small satellites into higher orbits (access to lunar orbit using microlaunchers)
  • Reduction of the launch interval from 24 to 3 months
  • Reduction of launch- and opportunity costs
  • Deployment and maintenance of microsatellite constellations
  • Avoidance of secondary payload restrictions
  • Increasing number of possible satellite concepts and applications
Andreas Luedeke

Levity Space Systems
Aachen, Germany
Andres Luedeke


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