DLTEO – the one-stop shop for the earth observation data market


The Earth Observation (EO) data product market will grow exponentially to become another full-fledged commodity market, yet there are two key elements that are currently missing from it:

  • Low friction and barriers for users via easy-to-use interfaces that allow players in the industry chain to bypass specialists
  • Customisability of data processing pipelines to allow for easy fusion of different data sources to EO data, to help define new correlations and consolidate all previously fragmented value chain activities in one platform

Meanwhile, many companies have a high demand for EO data products that is either partially or fully unmet due to the difficulties of integrating into the current market. DLTEO GmbH is developing a decentralised, transparent, scalable and fair new market era. DLTEO is an AI-run, peer-to-peer and crowd-sourced EO data mining and trading „one-stop shop“. DLTEO has created a new serverless, scalable, decentralised fusion-computing paradigm enabling customised EO digital assets to be processed and traded transparently yet privately in quasi-real time at any point in the data’s lifecycle.


  • One-stop shop for all market levels (Downstream, Midstream, Upstream)
  • Buy/sell/process data locally or on our distributed network
  • Customers stay in control of their data! The data is always encrypted, safe from third parties
  • Fully open-source and externally auditable tech stack
  • Unique decentralised architecture built on cutting-edge technology
  • Support for complex data and processing licence agreements (subscriptions, quality
    guarantees, etc.)

Ignaty Romanov-Chernigovsky

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