Cloud Computing on the ISS Using Bartolomeo

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Modern satellites, especially micro and nano satellites, have little in-orbit processing capabilities and data storage capacities. The satellites are dependent on sending their data regularly to a ground station. Golbriak Space OÜ is developing a cloud computing infrastructure on the International Space Station (ISS) using the Bartolomeo platform, to serve other spacecraft that would not be able to afford on-orbit processing otherwise. The “Bartolomeo cloud” could be realised through a compact high-performance computing data centre installed on the ISS, interfaced to customer spacecraft through an optical and a radio frequency (RF) antenna terminal installed on the ISS. Potential ISS cloud services could reduce the time between data acquisition and availability, in order to introduce new capabilities such as automated feature detector for Earth observing spacecraft, enhanced spacecraft autonomy (cognitive satellites) and real-time machine learning on space data.


  • Reduction in time between data acquisition and availability
  • In-orbit spacecraft have the ability to use machine learning services
  • Opportunity to extend missions
  • Complementary services e.g. data storage and high-bandwidth data downlink

Golbriak Space OÜ
Tallinn, Estonia
Simone Briatore

Golbriak Space

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