Biocontroller – Platform Technology for the Improvement of Microbes Applied in Space Missions


Microbes are a ticking time bomb for long-term space missions. Microbes evolve thousands of times faster than humans and, in space, they are no longer kept in check by the inexhaustible diversity of the Earth’s biosphere. Regulating the evolution of microbes is crucial to prevent microbes from evolving in undesired directions and becoming tremendous threats to human health. The OPE Group’s expertise lies in controlling the evolution of microbes. For this purpose, OPE designed innovative bioreactors and developed IoT-enabled hardware and software to train microbes to be beneficial to space travellers. The technology allows in-situ resource utilization and resource recovery during deep space missions.


  • Cost-effective support of human life on spacecraft
  • In-situ resource utilisation and resource recovery during deep space missions to produce clean water, food, fuel, soil fertilisers, chemicals, medicines and a large variety of other materials
  • Stable and robust foundation for new ecosystems on celestial bodies to foster population
  • Reinforcing the space travellers’ microbiome for disease prevention and well-being
Mathijs Martens

OPE Group
Heemstede, The Netherlands
Mathijs Martens


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