Artificial Intelligence for and from Satellite Internet Constellations

The main stakeholder in the commercial space industry are looking for ways to deploy, operate and maintain large satellite constellations at low cost. Projections indicate that in the next decade, the number of satellites in Earth‘s orbit will increase from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands. Managing such a large number of satellites manually with conventional control centres and workers will be very difficult and expensive, which is why operators and space agencies are looking for ways to automate their constellation management. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms can provide support. Avoiding collisions with space debris, setting up and maintaining communication networks, monitoring the condition of the satellites and their operating routines are just some of the tasks that StellAI Space intends to solve with AI. The company‘s solution will use data from hundreds of satellites forming existing constellations in orbit as input for machine learning algorithms. The resulting model will be used to build a scale-up simulation with hundreds of thousands of satellites and leverage AI to achieve constellation autonomy.


  • Mega-constellation management
  • Automation of satellite maintenance
  • Minimises manpower and ground infrastructure
  • Long-term sustainability of space activities

StellAI Space
Buchloe, Germany
Vardan Semerjyan

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