AC Biode – The World‘s First Standalone AC Battery

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The demand for high-capacity batteries in the space industry has significantly increased and battery capacity is still insufficient in terms of mobility and safety. AC Biode Ltd. is developing the first-ever standalone battery based on alternating current (AC). Biode features the characteristics of both anodes and cathodes. Thanks to a special electric circuit also found in particle accelerators, the system offers more V/Ah flexibility, requires 30% less space, and is safer than every type of regular direct-current (DC) battery. Conventional batteries use DC, which leads to power loss when electricity is converted from AC to DC. AC Biode Ltd. will utilise existing materials and battery production lines to penetrate the market faster than competitors that use new materials or types. Applications are possible in space and in connection with drones, electric vehicles and scooters, and energy storage.


  • Battery is up to 30% more compact and reduces conversion losses
  • Uses existing materials/battery production lines
  • Safer than conventional Li-ion batteries
  • Lower electrical resistance (safer/longer-lasting)

AC Biode Ltd.
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Tadashi Kubo

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